Procure to pay: Invoice management, B2B data and document flows for all business partners

For decision-makers

Why choose Netfira?

This is why!

1. ROI in a matter of months
2. Concentrate on strategic tasks
3. Digitize your supply chain
4. Flexible choice of business partners

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For users

Why choose Netfira?

This is why!

1. Complete integration into and support of existing processes and systems
2. No time-consuming training or set-up
3. Significant reduction of manual processes – up to 100%
4. High user acceptance and satisfaction

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For IT

Why choose Netfira?

This is why!

1. Fast and simple implementation in a matter of days
2. Minimal administrative overhead
3. Complete integration with your existing systems (ERP, materials management, purchasing, etc.)
4. Certified by SAP and other ERP providers

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Netfira for e-procurement and e-commerce

How can I send and receive orders, confirmations and invoices electronically?
How can I simplify my purchasing or order fulfilment?
How can I improve customer retention?
Perhaps you’ve already answered these questions in relation to some of your suppliers or customers. But what about electronically integrating your suppliers who aren’t yet (digitally) connected? Or your smaller distributors, vendors and end-customers? They’re just as important for your business as the few large ones, and often don’t have the financial means or technical facilities to be connected electronically.

With Netfira, it’s quick and easy to get started with Purchasing and E-Commerce 4.0!

Netfira_Enterprise_BuyerNetfira for E-Procurement

Netfira Enterprise Buyer offers:

  • Electronic document and data transfer between Purchasing and ALL suppliers (orders, confirmations, delivery notes, dispatch notes, invoices and other documents such as diagrams, certificates and so on)
  • Integration into your existing Purchasing ERP system
  • A solution requiring no user training and no change to your existing processes
  • 100% supplier onboarding via our innovative Netfira supplier apps – connect a supplier in under 10 minutes
  • Elimination of time-consuming and error-prone manual purchasing and supplier processes
  • A lean and extremely flexible B2B e-procurement solution
  • Unsurpassed ROI
  • A future-oriented solution based on the latest app technologies

Why should I choose Netfira Enterprise Buyer?

If most of your supplier communications are by phone, fax or email, or if you have an e-procurement system that doesn’t connect you electronically to all of your suppliers, then Netfira Enterprise Buyer is for you!

Step 1

Netfira Enterprise Buyer connects to your existing ERP system. Customized installation in one day.

Step 2

Connect suppliers in under 10 minutes with the Netfira supplier apps!

Step 3

Start managing your entire document flow – orders, confirmations, delivery notes, dispatch notes, invoices and other documents – electronically.

Netfira Enterprise Buyer from the PURCHASING perspective

Netfira installs easily over your existing ERP system!

Netfira Enterprise Buyer offers a fully-fledged e-procurement environment for purchasing and order fulfilment. It’s easy to customize, and fast and simple to install. Netfira Enterprise Buyer offers seamless integration with customers’ existing ERP systems (e.g., SAP, Infor, Sage or Microsoft).

Supplier onboarding made easy!

With our Netfira supplier apps, suppliers can quickly and easily be connected to Netfira Enterprise Buyer and share documents and data electronically.

Electronic comparison of supplier documents with the original buyer purchase order!

Netfira Enterprise Buyer electronically checks that supplier-generated documents are only accepted for automatic input into the Purchasing ERP system once they’ve been verified as being either correct, or within the specified purchasing tolerances. Netfira Enterprise Buyer flags all exceptions and errors for immediate follow-up. Netfira is able to transfer not only the structured data, but also the original documents in PDF format to Purchasing and the supplier, providing an accurate, auditable trail of the transaction (according to the ZUGFeRD standard for electronic invoices, for example).

Netfira is future-oriented!

When new suppliers are added or others are replaced, Netfira lets you adjust your supply chain to the new circumstances in no time. Do you want to expand or rationalize? Whatever direction your business is moving in, Netfira adapts to your requirements quickly and flexibly. Netfira is your ideal starting point for Purchasing 4.0.

Netfira_Enterprise_SellerE-Commerce Overview


Are you a sales manager looking to integrate all of your customers – distributors, vendors and consumers – with your network? Just install Netfira Enterprise Seller on your existing server. It integrates seamlessly with many of the current ERP, inventory management and accounting systems (including SAP, Oracle, Sage and Microsoft).

The software allows you to provide customers with real-time product and inventory information, without burdening your ERP system. A range of parameters can be customized per customer, with incoming orders automatically fed into your ERP system.

You’ll offer your customers unique benefits by enabling them to access customer-specific information (e.g., prices and delivery times) and place their orders. Customers who’ve installed your Buyer App will value the simplicity of ordering from within their own system, improving customer retention and satisfaction.

If you’re a supplier and you want to strengthen your sales department or integrate it into your customer’s system, there is a range of possibilities according to the relationship you want. You’ll find the best solution for you under the “Connecting customers with Netfira” section below.

Netfira is designed with the supplier in mind

Netfira Enterprise Buyer has been designed to cater to the needs of suppliers, because it’s only when all your suppliers are connected that purchasing processes can be completely automated. Thanks to the functionality offered by Netfira Enterprise Buyer and the Netfira supplier apps, supplier acceptance is unrivalled.

Netfira saves suppliers money and increases efficiency immediately

Netfira Enterprise supplier apps are installed quickly and easily at little or no cost to suppliers and, above all, with no change to their own procedures. By reducing the number of expensive and error-prone manual processes, the supplier’s efficiency can be immediately increased.

Netfira offers a range of supplier solutions – NOT an inflexible “one-size-fits-all” approach

Netfira Enterprise Buyer offers suppliers a number of easy-to-install and cost-effective solutions for getting connected to you and to your purchasing department. Netfira enables suppliers to send documents to Purchasing in a huge range of formats, including by email or directly via the supplier’s existing ERP system.

Supplier documents and data are securely transmittedto Purchasing, verified, and entered electronically into the purchasing department’s ERP system.

Netfira Seller App for suppliers


Suppliers can download the Netfira Seller app and get connected to you electronically in a matter of minutes. With the Seller App, suppliers can send documents (e.g., order confirmations or invoices) directly from within their own systems.

Netfira Email App for suppliers


Our Email App is an additional option for suppliers who prefer to send their documents to Purchasing by email. The Email App needn’t be pre-installed with the supplier, and it can be configured in a matter of minutes.

Netfira Buyer Portal for suppliers


Our Buyer Portal is ideal for suppliers with whom you only place occasional orders. Suppliers receive an email from Purchasing notifying them of an order. Suppliers can easily access the Buyer Portal from any popular web browser. The Buyer Portal makes it possible for suppliers to easily check and confirm customer orders electronically and enter delivery times, dispatch notifications and invoices.

Netfira Seller Client for suppliers


Seller Client is designed for suppliers who carry out frequent transactions and want a solution which integrates with their own ERP system. Direct connection with the Netfira Seller module is via installation of the Netfira Seller software by the supplier. When this happens, the Seller software is additionally linked to the supplier’s ERP system so that processes are also automated on the supplier side. This kind of connection is particularly recommended for major suppliers.

Netfira offers the right solution for every customer

For each of your customers, a range of connectivity options is available. The Buyer Client and Buyer App can be installed quickly, easily and locally at the customer end, while the Seller Webstore can be used in the browser even without prior installation. This way, your customers are free to choose the degree of integration and functionality they require.

Netfira Email App for customers


Netfira offers email ordering as a straightforward option where no connection or installation is required. Customers simply send their orders (including order amendments, shipping notifications and so on) together with any attachments by email. The Netfira email app takes care of entering and checking the records in your ERP system with no manual intervention required.

Netfira Buyer App for customers


For customers who don’t require real-time information about their inventory and prices, the Buyer App is recommended. It’s comparable to a standard mobile app in terms of ease of use and installation. Customers can use the Buyer App to initiate orders from within their own ERP or inventory system, sending them to your business as an electronic document.

Netfira Seller Webstore for customers


Our Seller Webstore is the most convenient solution for customers who call up product data infrequently and mainly submit single item orders. This solution requires no local installation, since the webstore is accessible via any standard browser. In this way, secure access to manufacturer and supplier data is possible without transmitting data to third parties.

Netfira Buyer Client for customers


Our Buyer Client is particularly suitable for customers who make repeated data queries and/or regular orders. The solution comes supplied with uncomplicated and customizable templates and offers deep integration with customers’ back-office (ERP) systems. This provides them with comprehensive real-time data query options.

Netfira offers solutions to unlock tomorrow’s potential today. Part of the vision for the “intelligent factory” with fully automated production processes is a synchronized e-procurement system. The opportunities provided by Industry 4.0 stem from the digital networking of machines and businesses via cyber-physical systems. This permanent data sharing makes it possible for production – and even ordering and accounting – processes to be independently optimized by intelligent software. If, for example, a supplier cancels at short notice, the production process is immediately and automatically adjusted, and the materials order is sourced from another location to compensate for the shortfall. These kinds of intelligent systems make time-consuming manual reconfiguration unnecessary. Industry 4.0 technology thus offers tremendous potential for increasing efficiency, reducing errors and accelerating shipping and production schedules. Netfira enables you to share data electronically in real time, and to automate your purchasing and sales processes today.

Start your Purchasing and E-commerce 4.0 project with an internationally experienced software provider who can support you quickly and efficiently with tried and tested solutions.

The Netfira solution – benefits at a glance

• Integrates into all existing IT environments

• Customized installation in just one day

• Supplier onboarding in under 10 minutes

• E-procurement and e-commerce from one source

• Supports all purchasing and sales department processes

• Solutions tailored to your needs

• Minimal prior experience necessary for use and maintenance

• Electronic data-sharing in real-time

• Improves the procurement process and strengthens customer relationships

• Fast and straightforward access to Purchasing and E-Commerce 4.0

Success stories

Find out more about what’s possible with us!

What’s different about best-in-class businesses and their purchasing departments? What can we learn from them?

According to BME studies, there’s a huge gap between businesses with market-leading purchasing arrangements and the industry average. So there are plenty of businesses who could reduce costs, something often demanded by the market. Because as far as the basic set-up of purchasing departments is concerned, little has changed.

They view purchasing as a value driver

The purchasing department is often responsible for over 90% of order volumes. Numerous unnecessary costs are generated here in terms of departmental staffing, returns, and call centers. For this reason, operational purchasing is deliberately delegated to end-users in order to minimize costly and time-consuming intermediate steps and expensive misorders, and to save time. This also means that end-users need to be able to make quick, error-free operational purchases.

Flexible organization of purchasing

Hybrid Purchasing organization is a possibility if needed. Best-in-class businesses only employ one-third of their staffing resources in Purchasing.

High-level process effectiveness and efficiency

The automation of ordering and invoicing processes with accompanying standardization is being extended. As a result, best-in-class businesses place more orders, and purchasing volumes per staff member and per year are around 30% higher than the average. Item and delivery totals are also only half the average. This provides cost reductions of between 30 and 50 per cent.

Supplier management

Regular supplier evaluations are conducted to verify such factors as shipping schedule accuracy and returns quotas, thus optimizing the supplier pool.

ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

ASSA ABLOY ASSAABLOY_blackSicherheitstechnik GmbH, an international manufacturer and supplier of mechanical and electromechanical security solutions (including, among others, the effeff, IKON and KESO brands), relies on Netfira’s e-procurement solution to automate their operational purchasing. Around 300 leading suppliers are being connected quickly and simply using Netfira’s innovative supplier app, in order to significantly decrease manual workload. In future, all of their document flows will be digitized in this way.

“They told me the process for our suppliers would be a lot like downloading an app onto my smartphone,” reports Wolfgang Härle, ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik Purchasing Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “From everything I’d heard, read or seen, I couldn’t believe it by any stretch of the imagination. But I have to say – it really is like that.” “Our suppliers were immediately enthusiastic. Things are much easier for them now than before – some of them even wanted to introduce Netfira’s solution in their own businesses and use the app to connect their own suppliers,” says Härle. The internal IT department also reports being very satisfied with the solution, since, as promised, supplier integration via the standard interface posed no problems at all.


The German subsidiaries of a global market leader in intelligent locking and security technology were still processing all of their purchasing transactions manually. Whereas orders were issued directly from the ERP system (INFOR/Ratioplan and Microsoft Dynamics/Axapta), the confirmations, shipping notes and invoices that followed were not automated. With several hundred suppliers and more than 70,000 order transactions per year, this created an enormous workload, overburdening purchasing staff and often leading to data entry errors or delays in recording.


The Netfira Enterprise Buyer purchasing solution was used to automate the operational processes, with various Netfira connectivity solutions (Netfira App, Netfira Client, Netfira Portal, Netfira Email Connector) serving to quickly onboard suppliers. Customers connected the Netfira software to their existing ERP systems themselves in just a matter of days.


  • Implementation of the Netfira Enterprise Buyer solution in a matter of days
  • Automatic recording and verification of order confirmations
  • Transcription and recording of delivery notes
  • Automatic recording and verification of invoices
  • Complete support for existing processes in Purchasing
  • Simplification of the procurement process for suppliers
  • Error reduction due to automated data entry
  • Automatic processing of around 70,000 transactions per year
  • Fast connection of suppliers (10-12 suppliers per day were added on average)
  • High degree of supplier acceptanc

KLAFS GmbH & Co. KGKlafs-Logo-e1439300855512

KLAFS, the global leader in wellness, pool and spa equipment, relies on Netfira’s e-procurement solution for order automation. Key to their decision was the technically simple connectivity offered by Netfira. In addition, the software enables the complete automation of all transactions – with business partners big or small.

“Implementing the Netfira software only took a couple of days – and we noticed the difference immediately,” reports Klaus Kaiser, KLAFS Purchasing Manager. And suppliers who were onboarded during the automation process are also very satisfied with the solution. “The Netfira connection doesn’t require suppliers to have any prior technical knowledge; it supports their existing systems, reduces their workflows and can generally be installed in under an hour,” says Kaiser.


Practically all of the operational purchasing processes of this globally dominant wellness and spa equipment manufacturer were manual, and the more than 40,000 transactions with over 350 suppliers resulted in exceptionally time-consuming order confirmation and invoice processing. Alongside the time demands placed on purchasing staff, this often meant that discrepancies in the confirmations were not identified in a timely manner, and differences were only discovered at Goods Inwards. It also frequently led to errors in the manual recording of receipts which subsequently required time-consuming correction.


To overcome this situation, the business now relies on Netfira’s Enterprise Buyer purchasing solution to automate operational processes, and on the Netfira adapter for SAP ERP and a range of Netfira connectivity solutions for the fast onboarding of suppliers (Netfira App, Netfira Client, Netfira Portal, Netfira Email Connector).


We have seen the following since this was introduced:

  • Implementation of the Netfira Enterprise Buyer solution in a matter of days
  • Complete integration with the SAP system
  • Complete support of existing processes
  • Users are productive immediately, since they’re able to continue working in their familiar environment without additional training
  • Automatic issuing of orders, and entry and verification of order confirmations
  • Automatic entry, verification and archiving of invoices
  • Simplification of the procurement process for suppliers
  • Round-the-clock availability with a user-friendly interface
  • Error reduction due to automation of data entry
  • Automatic processing of approx. 40,000 transactions annually

Electrolux, Australien
Logo Electrolux


Manual order processing for over 250,000 inventory items was time-consuming and prone to error


A cost-effective solution for automatic order processing with 100% availability and a simple user interface


1.2 million transactions automated annually

26% fewer returns

90% reduction in call center costs

100% integration with the ERP system

LS Tractor, USA
Logo LS Tractor


Manual order system for inventory of 80,000 components – expensive and time-consuming


Web-based solution for automating order processing and online component configuration


All LS Tractor dealers have adopted Netfira

Seamless integration with SAP ERP

Automated, web-based solution, available round the clock


We’d be delighted to advise you personally on how you and your business can benefit from the numerous advantages of Netfira solutions.

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Netfira, Sydney, Walldorf and San Francisco

Netfira is a software business with offices in Germany (Walldorf and Munich), the USA (San Francisco) and Australia (Sydney and Perth). Netfira’s business-to-business (B2B) suite is an innovative supply-chain solution for rationalizing purchasing and sales processes. Orders, commissions, order confirmations, shipping schedules, invoices and other documents can be automatically shared between manufacturer, customer and supplier systems via the Netfira connection. Through our Seller App for suppliers, Buyer App for customers, and Email App, Netfira facilitates quick and easy supplier and customer connection (“onboarding”). Besides automating B2B transactions, Netfira also facilitates real-time two-way connections between buyer and seller systems, thus providing the conditions for fully-digitized supply chains and access to Purchasing and E-Commerce 4.0 right now.

  • SAP_Partner_R kleiner
  • Netfira is SAP-certified

    SAP AG hereby confirms that Netfira Inc.’s Netfira interface software has been certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 via the ABAP add-on for SAP Product Lifecycle Management SAP integration scenario.

  • IA4SP_Endorsement_Logo_New_klein
  • Netfira and IA4SP

    Netfira is a member of the International Association for SAP Partners e.V. IA4SP is an independent networking and information platform for SAP partners aimed at facilitating direct exchange as well as new business opportunities in the SAP environment.

  • logo_bme_region_saar_kleiner4
  • Netfira and the BME

    Netfira is a member of the German Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics Association (BME) in order to remain in constant communication with other businesses. We want to know how other businesses make purchasing and sales transactions, and how we can optimize these processes.

  • Logo
  • Netfira and the Chambers of Trade and Industry

    Netfira is a member of the Rhein-Necker and the Munich and Upper Bavaria branches of the German Chambers of Trade and Industry (IHK).

Decades of experience in investment banking, software development, and successful new enterprise formation

Hal Herron – Chairman

Hal has extensive international investment banking experience including, most recently, as Global Head of Foreign Exchange and Head of Global Markets Europe for Deutsche Bank AG, based in London. During his career he has also been based in New York and Sydney. Mr. Herron is a Chartered Accountant, having qualified while working for Price Waterhouse early in his career. He has also served on the boards of a number of private equity firms.

George Ruul – Executive Director

George is the inventor of the Netfira technology and has been responsible for software development in the company since he started it in 2006. He has extensive knowledge of small and medium business operations gained during his 30 years developing accounting and inventory software. This includes founding Ruling Software whose AutoMech automotive management program is a market leader throughout Australia and Singapore. To keep Netfira on the bleeding edge, George is very active in global developer communities to keep abreast of a rapidly changing market.

Steve Kennedy – Non Executive Director

Steve Kennedy has worked in banking and finance for almost 30 years. He is currently a Managing Director in Deutsche Bank Global Finance and Foreign Exchange. He has also worked in London and New York when he was managing proprietary trading risk for the Bank. An economist by trade, he has also worked for Bank of America, the Commonwealth Treasury, and ‘The Australian’ newspaper.

Hal Herron – Chairman

Hal has extensive international investment banking experience including, most recently, as Global Head of Foreign Exchange and Head of Global Markets Europe for Deutsche Bank AG, based in London. During his career he has also been based in New York and Sydney. Mr. Herron is a Chartered Accountant, having qualified while working for Price Waterhouse early in his career. He has also served on the boards of a number of private equity firms.

George Ruul – Chief Executive Officer

George is the inventor of the Netfira technology and has been responsible for software development in the company since he started it in 2006. He has extensive knowledge of small and medium business operations gained during his 30 years developing accounting and inventory software. This includes founding Ruling Software whose AutoMech automotive management program is a market leader throughout Australia and Singapore. To keep Netfira on the bleeding edge, George is very active in global developer communities to keep abreast of a rapidly changing market.

Reinald Schneller – Managing Director Netfira GmbH and Senior Vice President Sales, EMEA

Reinald has an extensive background in business development, sales, alliances, and channels in domestic and international markets. He was previously Director of Americas Channels for MSC Software, a global provider of integrated enterprise simulation solutions. Before that, he was with Hewlett Packard for seventeen years, in various positions including Director of Sales, Worldwide Partner Programs and Global Alliances for the HP OpenView Software Business.

Thomas Thiesen – Vice President, Professional Services

Thomas has an extensive background in IT Consulting, having led multiple SAP implementation and integration projects for SAP customers. Most recently, he was director of IT Consulting for syskoplan AG, where he served for over 20 years in a variety of IT leadership positions both in Germany and the United States. He holds degrees in mathematics and physics from Christian-Albrechts University, and a further degree in Computer Science from Informatika GmbH in Hamburg.

Phillip Whillier – CTO

Phillip has been involved in the Netfira technology development since the company’s inception and has written over one million lines of code. He has designed and developed a number of business software applications and has extensive knowledge of Internet and database design elements.

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